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Harvest of Gold

I actually made a mistake in reading this book. I picked it up before heading out of town, and because it was the only book there by Tessa Afshar, I grabbed it. Only when I got partway through the book, where they repeatedly referenced another storyline, did I stop to google and realized this was the second book in the series! But, alas, I was too hooked into the story to stop there! I’ll just consider the first book a prequel sequel when it comes in at my library (you better believe I have already put a hold on it!!). This book is captivating and carries a wonderful storyline. As the first book I have read by Tessa Afshar, I can tell she is going to be a favorite author!

Read Aloud Family

This book is what started a fire in me to start documenting and staying on top of reading aloud. See, I do this on a nightly basis with my younger boys, but after reading this book, I am trying to be intentional about reading aloud with my older boys in ear shot also.  Honestly, I was hesitant at first to read this book. I figured it would be the same old same old as all the other “need to read” books, but Sarah captivated me within the first few sentances. I ended up devouring the first 50 pages before I even put it down for the first time.  Sarah gives many reasons why reading aloud is so important for children of all ages. She gives many practical ways to do it. She even includes personal stories that really just illustrate and tie everything in together.  This book definitely gets an A+ recommendation from me for anyone with a child in their life no matter the age!

My Father’s Dragon

I read My Father’s Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett yesterday with G (10), S (6), and E (4). I have seen these books recommended frequently (she has 2 others in this series), but I had never gotten around to reading them. As usual, S stopped what he was doing and came over took in all of the pictures and begged me to keep going instead of breaking it up into 2 separate readings as I had originally planned. All 3 of the kids enjoyed it. It started off a bit slow for my liking, but by the 3rd chapter, I started getting hooked, and by the 5th chapter, I decided we were going to place a hold at the library on the other two in this series.
The book is short enough that you can read it in one sitting (I took around an hour), but big enough that an independent reader feels an accomplishment after finishing.
The illustrations are in black and white. They are just enough to let you see into the authors imagination, as well as allowing you to have an imagination yourself.
I definitely recommend t…

Our Book Interests

I’ll start with the oldest and work my way down.
C is 35 and his main interests are westerns, Christian fiction, fantasy, and science fictions. He likes authors such as Louis L’Amour, Gilbert Morris, and RA Salvatore.
I am 34 and I love a variety of genres - it is so hard to pick!! I love Christian fiction, Biblical fiction (new genre I discovered last year!!), Amish, and non fictions. I also enjoy some science fiction and young adult books (I may have read the Harry Potter series a few times. I remember when book 7 came out and I stayed up all night long reading it. I finished up about 6am!). My favorite authors include (but are not limited to!)Tessa Afshar,  Mesu Andrews, Wanda Brunstetter, Connilyn Cossette, Beverly Lewis, Jill Eileen Smith, and Lori Wick.
J is 14 and his interests have changed over time slightly. He has read every book in the following series: Animorphs, Magic Treehouse, A to Z Mysteries, Harry Potter, Inheritance, Rick Riordans, Rangers Apprentice, plus many many…

A Welcoming Post

Hi, all! I have been a book lover my entire life and hope to raise my children to be book lovers as well! I am a solo-female in the house. My husband, C, and I have 5 boys. J is 14, D is 11, G is 10, S is 6, and E is 4.
As you can tell, due to our vast range of ages (and interests because no 2 children are just alike!), I will be reviewing all sorts of books. The good and the bad.
I look forward to getting to know you through this new adventure of mine!