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Chasing the White Lion Review

Chasing the White Lion is a book  that will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat! James R Hannibal  has a way of writing that takes a story and quickly wraps your mind up into the story world. The chapters are wonderfully short which makes it easy to be able to read a bit here and a bit there when you’re busy. From the beginning sentence to the climax to the last page of the story, fans will want to keep reading!

Out of the Embers Review

Out of the Embers by Amanda Cabot is a fantastic book!! I had not previously read any books by this author, but I am delighted to have found her books! Cabot takes a simple event and builds and extraordinary world out of it that is both believable and fascinating. Cabot uses wonderful imagery that helps the reader feel as if they are in the story with all of their senses. The Mesquite Springs series is definitely one that I want to continue reading as the next books come out!

In the Garden Review and Giveaway!

I love doing research about what makes specific info special and this book makes it so easy to be able to see many different plants and their purposes from the Bible. The book is sectioned and flows well!
About the BookBook:  In The Garden Author: Whitaker House Editorial Genre:  Christian non-fiction, Biblical history, cultural, Biblical reference Release Date: January 10, 2020 Consider not only the lilies of the field, but all the plants, trees, herbs, shrubs, and flowers that play a role in the biblical narrative through this illustrated guide. From the barley Ruth harvested to the hyssop David craved, from the frankincense the wise men brought to Jesus to the sycamore tree Zacchaeus climbed, the Bible is peppered with allusions to the plants that were a part of daily life in the ancient Near East and in New Testament Israel. With original illustrations, this beautiful gift book clarifies the biblical references to fifty plants and provides delightful new insights into the Word of God.…

Star of Persia Review

I have been a fan of Jill Eileen Smith since I read Sarai (my first book by her), but this book absolutely blew me away! I can now say that The Patriarchs is my favorite series and this is my favorite book by her!
Smith takes a story that is relatively short in the Bible and does phenomenal world building through thorough research. The characters are extremely believable, and every possible scenario she dreams up is not contradicted by Scripture (remember, this is Biblical Fiction - authors do take liberty, but good authors make sure nothing contradicts the actual accounts in the Bible).
The storyline grabbed my attention from the beginning and I loved how Vashti was portrayed.

I was provided a book from the publisher and was not required to give a review. All opinions are my own.

Like Flames in the Night Review

I can’t think of any better way to describe Connilyn Cossette’s newest novel Like Flames in the Nights than to call it fabulous, amazing, heartwarming, incredible, etc!!
Throughout the book, Cossette seamlessly weaves an ending to this series that flawlessly ties into her first series, Out From Egypt. We are reunited with characters from her previous 4 books and it gives me goosebumps to read about all four heroines from this series being on the same page!
Tirzah is my favorite main character so far personality wise. I still love all of the other characters, but Tirzah is truly amazing and believable.
When I started reading the part that majorly related to the title of this book, I was deeply moved. We are called to be light, but it is much easier when there is more than one shining brightly!
While I am sad to see this series come to an end, I am deeply satisfied at the way Cossette was able to end the series. Cossette is a brilliant storyteller, and I cannot wait to read her next no…