The Roll of the Drums Review

In The Roll of the Drums, Jan Drexler takes us back to the Amish of Weaver’s Creek. We get a chance to follow the older, single daughter Ruby as she finds God’s purpose for her life.
I really enjoyed the healing themes found throughout Mrs Drexler’s books. No one is perfect in this life, not even the Amish, but God offers healing to all those who admit what had happened and start the healing process.
My favorite illustration in the book was the splinter - the literal and the figurative one. Mrs Drexler blended the two together and pulled it off seamlessly.
I’ll be honest - I am not as brushed up on my American history as I should be, but reading different periods of history helps my interest to spark. The Roll of Drums has done that, and I am now eager to  research more into the Civil War just from reading a well written fiction book from that era.
Fans of Beverly Lewis, Wanda Brunstetter, and Suzanne Woods Fisher will enjoy these books by Jan Drexler.
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Stitches in Time

Wow, wow, wow! I absolutely loved the theme woven throughout this book!! Suzanne Woods Fisher has taken us back to Stoney Ridge and woven another tale that resounds with a storyline that left me feeling as if I’ve been in church!
I love the fact that we get to see Luke and Izzy’s relationship further, while also getting introduced to new characters. Mollie is a new, main character, and while I had a hard time at first with her voice, a few chapters in, I was hooked. I think it’s just because I’m not that peppy! She has become a favorite throughout this book, and I am excited to read future books after this cliffhanger!
The Good Shepherd theme is outstanding. I had a few times I would stop and tell my husband, “here is a good sermon topic!”, “did you know THIS about sheep???!” I am fascinated with how God called us His sheep and He is the Good Shepherd, and I feel like this book did a good job at paralleling that symbolism in Scripture with real life situations.
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Mending Fences Review

I received a copy of the second book in this series, Stitches in Time, so I had to rush out and get book number 1, Mending Fences. I am so glad I did!! I had only read one book by Suzanne Woods Fisher previously, but now I’m planning on working her previous books into my lineup.
In Mending Fences, Luke comes back and has a list of people he needs to “mend fences” with. This book should be required reading for everyone entering adolescence! I was amazed at the way that Fisher was able to wrap life lesson situations into a light hearted but serious storyline, keeping my attention throughout the entire book! 
I plan on going back through and visiting Fisher’s previous books and getting to know the people of Stoney Ridge even more!

Aiming For Love Review and Giveaway!

I’ll be honest here: when I first started reading the book, I thought it would be a Robin Hood type of retelling because I did not look at the picture closely or read the description. Completely my fault!! 

This was my first book by Mary Connealy, and I have found a new favorite author! In Aiming for Love we are transported back in time to an era when anything could happen. Jo seems a little rough around the edges at first, but as the story progresses, she quickly became a favorite. I love how Mary Connealy touched on subjects and did not make them out to be just any old mountain people. Instead she opened our eyes to a possibility of why people were the way they were in that time period. 

From the first time Jo sneaked around to the very last line, I loved this story! I am very excited to see that she will be making this into a trilogy and will be touching on each of the sisters because I want to see how their stories unfold as well!

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Power of a Praying Wife Review

I’ve partially read The Power of a Praying Wife before, but never in its’ entirety. Not due to the author or content, but just because I have a hard time finishing books like that sometimes. I finally made it all the way through! Although it took me much longer than the intended month to read.  I enjoyed the fact that it pointed out different areas of my husband’s life to pray for. Some I had never considered before. I am not a big fan of praying the prayers typed out in a book, but I did appreciate reading them and being pointed in the right direction.  I mentioned earlier that I had started and stopped before. I think the main reason for that was because I was trying to stick to a daily thing. Once I let that expectation go, I was able to finish.
I’ll be honest - I wasn’t too interested in Whose Waves These Are by Amanda Dykes at first. It just didn’t look like my “cup of tea”. I saw Up From the Sea for free on kindle and decided to download it just in case.  Well, on a whim, I had some time to kill and decided to give it a go. Am I ever glad I did!! I don’t think I stopped reading until I was done with the book. This story takes us back over 100 years ago to a time when things were still undiscovered. Amanda Dykes inserts enough history to keep it interesting and make me want to google while reading. The characters she creates are fabulous, and the storyline has me coming back for more! I can’t wait to read Whose Waves These Are next!

Egypt’s Sister Review

Surprisingly I had not read any of Angela Hunt’s books before I read Egypt’s Sister. I am a Biblical Fiction lover, and get all giddy when I find a new to me author that takes the time to research in depth to provide the reader with an exceptional experience. Angela Hunt is this kind of author!  I had not previously dove deep into Cleopatra’s story. I know she was a female pharaoh and that she was neat to dress up as. As far as actual history? I hadn’t a clue. Angela Hunt wove an amazing tale of Cleopatra and her fictional “blood sister of her heart”. It was so inspiring that I googled and researched Cleopatra’s life when I was done with the book! (I could not do it during the book in case I uncovered spoilers!).  Angela Hunt is an author that I will come back to. I am looking forward to the other books in this series!!